Right timing and dream team investors

Fund your way. Episode 3. Bernardo Brites from Trace Finance.

Trace Finance’s co-founders: Rafael Luz, Bernardo Brites and Leone Parise

He always wanted to work in a large tech company, until he realized that it is not for him, unless “he is the one who builds it” because he prefers to be able to see the impact and actually scale the business.

It was a perfect choice, because as Bernardo says: “they have a great portfolio, experience in finance and crypto all the way from seed to the IPO, great people and partners. You would like to admire people you are working with.”

“All of them are in our cap table for a specific reason. Some of them are strategic, some save us time and resources, some are well-connected, some used to be operators who know how to scale similar operations.”

“Some of smaller VCs drained us by asking to have more and more calls, which in result did not lead to anything.”

"VCs won’t turn a bad company into a good company. So, if founders have amazing companies, they should look for people who can help them scale what they already have."

Looking back to his experience with raising, Bernardo reflects that “what really helps is to look for founders who scaled businesses in parallel verticals, who can become your guides. And even if they do not turn out to be your ambassadors, they can introduce you to investors and offer advice.”



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Ilya Minkov

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